Optical Reservoir Computing using multiple light scattering for chaotic systems prediction


Reservoir Computing is a relatively recent computational framework based on a large Recurrent Neural Network with fixed weights. Many physical implementations of Reservoir Computing have been proposed to improve speed and energy efficiency. In this study, we report new advances in Optical Reservoir Computing using multiple light scattering to accelerate the recursive computation of the reservoir states. Two different spatial light modulation technologies, namely, phase or binary amplitude modulations, are compared. Phase modulation is a promising direction already employed in other photonic implementations of Reservoir Computing. Additionally, we report a Digital-Micromirror-based Reservoir Computing at up to 640 Hz, more than double the previously reported frequency using a remotely controlled optical device developed by LightOn, and present new binarization strategies to improve the performance of binarized Reservoir Computing.

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics