Spin glass models with ferromagnetically biased couplings onthe Bethe lattice: analytic solutions and numerical simulations


.We derive the zero-temperature phase diagram of spin glass models with a generic fraction of ferromagnetic interactions on the Bethe lattice. We use the cavity method at the level of one-step replica symmetry breaking (1RSB) and we find three phases: a replica-symmetric (RS) ferromagnetic one, a magnetized spin glass one (the so-called mixed phase), and an unmagnetized spin glass one. We are able to give analytic expressions for the critical point where the RS phase becomes unstable with respect to 1RSB solutions: we also clarify the mechanism inducing such a phase transition. Finally we compare our analytical results with the outcomes of a numerical algorithm especially designed for finding ground states in an efficient way, stressing weak points in the use of such numerical tools for discovering RSB effects. Some of the analytical results are given for generic connectivity.

Eur. Phys. J. B